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Sit | Stand | Stroll

Social & health Specification

  • Reviewed by Stoke Mandeville Hospital & The Back Up Trust
  • Helps with social integration & eyelevel conversations
  • Creates illusion of standing & walking
  • Health benefits for bone density, circulation & bowel movement.

Technical Specification

  • Segway style wheelbase with joystick control
  • Saddle seat rises from sitting (500mm) to standing (up to 900mm)
  • Pivot arms for easy transfer onto Walking Wheelchair in seated position
  • Armrest toggle switch to raise seat to standing
  • Tighter turning circle than conventional electric wheelchairs
  • Comfortable saddle seat; edited version of Bambach therapy seat
  • Retractable lap belt
  • Long life aeroplane friendly battery
  • Lays flat in retracted position for car storage

Legal Specification

  • Patents by Mewburn Ellis: GB patent application, PCT International application and European Design Protection
  • Would be registered as UK class 2 invalid carriage for pavement use